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Tuesday, 06 March 2018 13:48

New Homeowners: Burglar-Proof Your Home

burglar proof your house

A residential burglary happened every 15 seconds during 2016 in the United States (according to the FBI’s most recent Crime Statistics report).  This is a fact that could keep you awake at night, especially if you are a new homeowner. 

If you’ve just purchased a home – whether it is your first or your fifteenth, you will undoubtedly want that home to be safe when you move in.  To feel safer, here are a few things you can do to allow you a good night’s sleep from your first night, forward.

Install a Reliable Security System

Home security systems vary in features and price from those that you install yourself to fully-monitored smart systems. So you will want to do your homework and find the one that best meets your unique needs.  To best protect your home, you’ll want to consider an alarm, motion sensors for the doors and windows, and carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

Harden the Doors

Experts warn that burglars often will enter your home right through the front door.  So you’ll need to inspect that door and, in fact, all the doors in your home to see that they are not hollow and have strong frames and hinges that are protected.  Opt for a solid front door with a peephole and a properly installed deadbolt.   One more thing:  Even the best door can’t keep you secure unless it is locked.

Secure the Windows

Test the strength of the locks on your windows; and, if they are not strong, then replace them with stronger locks or key-operated levers to assure they’ll protect you.  If burglars cannot force the window open, then they’ll break the glass.  To be sure your windows resist breaking, consider tempered or laminated glass, especially on the first-floor windows.  Many home burglaries occur through first-story windows, but don’t forget to protect windows on the basement and second-story levels as well.

Nighttime Protection Means Strategic Lighting

Burglars know that many of the homes they target are empty during the day when everyone is at work. So that is when most home break-ins occur.  However, plenty of crime occurs after dark, so you’ll need to them on timers since they will not be needed during daylight hours.  Use bright lights with motion sensors for added protection. They will place a spotlight on an intruder the moment they move into the range of the light. 

Get Connected in the Neighborhood

Get to know your neighbors since they can play a valuable part in protecting not only your home but the neighborhood in general from a home invasion. Make it a priority to meet your neighbors and begin to forge good relationships as soon as possible.  They will become more comfortable with you and will be quick to call you, should they detect anything suspicious in your area.   Good neighbors might even be able to recommend the best security systems and let you know which home services are most reliable.

Learn About Local Resources

Your neighbors can be quite helpful with how you would contact the local police, and they’ll fill you in on the neighborhood watch program as well as any other resources your area has available for home safety. If your neighbors can’t help, then check with your local police department for information securing your home for your family.

Create Your In-House Security Team

Securing your home as above will give you peace of mind.  But break-ins can still happen; so you can’t ignore the human factor in your home protection plan.  Talk with your family and be sure everyone is clear on family rules for when and how to lock-up and/or use the alarm system, what to do if a stranger calls or appears at the door.  Moreover, be certain that your family knows exactly what to do if a break-in occurs.  Finally but very importantly, have a family exit strategy in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Homeowners Insurance Tip

In the process of purchasing your new home, you have likely worked with your insurance agent for a new policy.  However, if you add security systems and take other protection measures noted above, your homeowners insurance policy could change and might become even more affordable.  It’s worth checking with your agent to be sure that you have just the right coverage for your needs as you settle into your new home.

Here at our Laurel, MD agency, our highly experienced Community Insurance Services of Maryland agents are always glad to speak with you about any insurance needs. As you take steps to secure your home, why not contact us to be sure you have optimum home insurance coverage, get a no-obligation policy review or discuss your options?

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