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Keep Calm - Avoid Road Rage

Road rage can affect your auto insurance policy, coverage and optionsI’m sure you’d agree that traffic roadway gridlock, back-ups and other car travel issues will try the patience of even the calmest driver. But most drivers take it in stride. Then there are the drivers that tend to become aggressive; but even those drivers don’t take it to the next level and act out with road rage.

If you find it difficult to stay cool on the road, consider this: depending upon the circumstances, if you become aggressive while driving and end up in an auto accident, your car insurance may no longer protect you.

In “Keep Your Cool When Road Rage Hits”, Erie Insurance offers that It’s important to keep control when dealing with an aggressive driver and not retaliate in order to prevent further problems. It offers "six tips to help you keep your cool when dealing with aggressive drivers so you don’t become one yourself.”  Read the article to learn more about road rage and how to best protect yourself.

Auto Insurance Tip

You might be surprised to learn that road rage is characterized as an exemption in many Auto Insurance policies because damage stemming from aggressive driving is not actually an accident but instead is the result of risky behavior. Your insurance agent should be able to tell you more about how to remain in control and avoid road rage.

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